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Mind Genomics® Innovation Suite

Mind Genomics® science focused on the dramatic increase in sales is FAST – results of the test are available in hours for standard tests**, AFFORDABLE – costs savings of at least 50% vs. traditional market research, & SAFE – proven method. Mind Genomics reduces guessing, gives concrete directions, backs the data & science. We have a suite of solutions created using Mind Genomics science® backed with technology provided by Howard Moskowitz PhD & Attila Gere PhD. We can provide our research services across 45 countries.** (standard tests) .If you want to grab the future, do it now, along with your competitors, and perhaps even ahead of your competitors!

WHAT: BimiLeap


BimiLeap helps you to decipher precisely what to say to your consumers to increase sales.


How to develop and deliver optimised products with maximum appeal?


 MPROD360 helps you to optimise your product features for increased sales and appeal.


Who to say it to by identifying mindsets with the personal viewpoint identifier?

pvi 360.png

 PVI helps you to target your messages to different mindsets. 

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