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What is Mind Genomics®?


Dr Howard Moskowitz 

has received the American Marketing Association’s 2005 “Charles Coolidge Parlin Marketing Research Award.”

Mind Genomics® is a  game-changing disruptive science built on formatted design-of-experiments for identifying WHAT  to say, HOW to say it and to WHOM with accelerated speed. Consumer preference results are available in hours* due to strongly integrated technology platforms, patented methodology and panels.

Mind Genomics® science developed by Dr Howard Moskowitz has a 35-year history and is grounded in experimental psychology based on the notion of experiments to understand causality.


Mind Genomics emerged from the efforts of experimental psychologists and marketing academics to understand the way people made decisions, moving beyond simply asking the people to describe their criteria, not always easy and often not at all possible.

Rather than asking a person to reflect on HOW and WHY a specific decision is arrived at, Mind Genomics implements small experiments, on the computer to establish a causal relation


The AMA “Parlin Marketing Research” award is considered the “Nobel Prize” of market research and has been given to pioneers in the field of marketing including Arthur Nielsen, George Gallup, Michael Porter, David Ogilvy and Philip Kotler.

*standard tests

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