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Typically 4-6 concept ideas are tested either in a qualitative or a quantitative research test. Often what to test is debated many times over with everyone having a point of view on the idea, the semantics. The decision of what to test is decided by a few stakeholders such as in marketing, brand management, advertising agency based on their best GUESS. BimiLeap changes this paradigm by allowing you to experiment using formatted design of experiments. There is no PRESSURE on having to be RIGHT, instead the concept test is treated as an experiment to understand how the concept /service should be written for maximum appeal and impact. 

You can use BimiLeap to decode the WHAT - what are the exact statements do you want to test? Which statements have the strongest appeal? This then helps you to also decide on the messaging for the type of product/service you want to design.

Case study: We wanted to test what SPECIFIC  MESSAGES  will be relevant for our consumers of the age group 18 -50 years for a health and wellness beverage in India. We tested four aspects Benefit, Features, Price, Packaging through  BimiLeap

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